Stewart Walton

Watercolours, collages and drawings of the fishing beach, boats and gulls.

All pieces for sale.

Hastings Pride

Hastings Pride Artists present PRIDE at The Crown.

Come and see over 35 local artists and 50 pieces of art and design celebrating Hastings Pride 2021.

Russell Dorey

My work is primarily Still Life. I make meticulous drawings and finely crafted paintings in oil on canvas. My paintings are formal compositions, measured and plotted, reduced and balanced. Some of the canvasses have been worked for months and a few arrived like gifts; they are little visual poems. Some of the paintings have a narrative, some sort of a story connecting the objects, but the shapes and colours should be reason enough.

Cheryl Bell

Cheryl Bell is an artist and printmaker based in Hastings. She is primarily a wildlife artist, and her work often features endangered birds. For this series of paintings she has been experimenting with oils, using Cobra, a non-toxic, water soluble oil paint from The Netherlands.

Chris Mammone

These images are from a body of work made photographing the working lives of Hastings fishermen, an industry that lies at the heart of Hastings heritage and identity. The images are digital prints from work made on black and white film between 2012-2014.

Rachel Mammone

Rachel is a Hastings based artist, having grown up locally she is inspired by the surrounding landscapes and skies, painting coastal and celestial inspired artworks.

Each painting is created using a mix of pigments and watercolours and exhibited are both original paintings and prints. Every piece created features beautiful nature inspired colours – from the sea to the sky, and everything in between.

Jonathan Murphy: Millican’s Can

Millican’s Can or (Don’t Waste Words, Jump to Conclusions)

On show are 18 artworks, made between 2015 and 2020. Within this selection there is no main theme other than the ongoing painterly pre-occupations that give rise to the works. The artwork is installed in a way that seeks to illuminate some of the connective bounds: recurring motifs, colour palette, line & form.

Jonathan Murphy finds the kernel for the beginning of a new work in many places: pencil sketches, a desire to respond to a previous work, a catchy title or just being in the studio with no more sweeping-up left to do; very occasionally this beginning crystalises into something, but more often, this initial process of creating a painting is scraped back or incised into (with the tip of paintbrushes, splinters and sculpting tools). This tidal journey that the paintings undergo—accretion and erosion of image + material—leave echoes of previous incarnations. These echoes help direct where the work finds itself. Often, the paintings are re-worked over a period of years.

This exhibition takes its title from an inscription carved into the face of a cave wall by Millican Dalton. Dalton was an 19th century London Clerk who, after living a bourgeoise life, became a hermit. Dalton spent 50 years living in the lake district, in a subterranean cave.

“In the dark things can be one way up or the t’other, in the moment, well, it’s the sense that counts.”

Jonathan Murphy studied painting at The University of Bradford and The Slade School of Fine Art. He is the organiser of numerous exhibitions and group shows. He is the creator of the online platform Nada/Da and has his studio in Hastings.

Hannah Kynoch: Self Perceptions and Intimate Points of View

Hannah paints, embroiders and designs her artwork in her St Leonards beach hut - the inspiration for much of her work.

Hannah has created a collection of artwork that endeavours to capture everyday snippets of personal points of view and intimate perspectives.

Using oil paintings and embroidery Hannah portrays her understanding of the female form; her view of obscure angles and wobbly bits.

Using unusual colours and snippets the figurative paintings take up landscape qualities, the work becomes personal to the viewer.

Hastings Pride + Hastings Artists

A collective exhibition - Hastings Pride + Hastings Artists celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and 50 years since the first Pride march in New York city in 1970.

An exhibition of work by local to Hastings artists that celebrates the diversity in our community and the love for the LGBTQ community and its friends and supporters.

15% of the sale price goes towards Hastings Pride celebrations for next year's Hastings PRIDE day.

Adam Dando: alligator pear

A collection of new works by Adam Dando