Alexandra Ffion

Alexandra Ffion (b.1993) is a mixed media artist based in St Leonards on sea, East Sussex.

Working with painting, collage and photography, her work draws inspiration from the infinite abstract patterns of nature that fill our past and present landscapes. Her passion for colour and texture has become a lifelong pursuit - from the everyday manmade palettes to bold contrasting colour combinations found in the natural world.

Charlie Moon

My name is Charlie I have just turned 11 years old. I live in Hastings and I love to paint and draw. I am passionate about animals and nature and how we can look after our planet. Most of my paintings are inspired by the natural world around us and how we interact within it.

I will be donating 10% of all sales of these paintings directly to the World Wildlife Fund.

Rachel Williams

Rachel’s bold, quirky and apparently playful works often carry a brooding gritty undertone. By employing an agglomeration of printmaking, painting, collage, stitching onto a variety of surfaces her work is a lively regurgitation of current obsessions. Drawing on references from news and current affairs to cave painting and primitive depictions she explores subjects such as politics; the ravages of war; the plight of endangered species and their ingenious adaptations.

Laura Ribbons

Laura is fascinated by plants and the way in which we coexist with them. Her works re-examine our relationship with plants and a desire to find solace in nature. This will be Laura's first solo exhibition in Hastings and features a range of paintings, created in her old town studio over the last 2 years, all are available for purchase.

Justin Rollings: Seascapes in Resin

Justin has been working with resin for many years, producing bespoke furniture incorporating colourful resin inlays. Recently he has extended his use of resin into illustrations, sometimes combining the resin with acrylic to enhance the illustration.

"The dramatic coastline of the UK and in particular the South Downs has always been a sanctuary for me. An opportunity for reflection and thought-provoking meditation. This has led me to explore the use of resin to create seascapes using striking colours with dramatic effect."

Samantha Tuffnell: Hastings Old Town & the South Downs

Since moving back to East Sussex, I have found inspiration from my surroundings living by the sea and near the South Downs. I have enjoyed experimenting more with different media, such as acrylics, watercolour but then I discovered ink and bleach!

I love the energy and unpredictability of using a few colours of ink and achieving many more when the bleach does its magic! It literally develops before your eyes…I have found my medium.

I particularly enjoy painting sea themes and moody skies as they seem to suit this type of watery medium so well. Occasionally I include fine liner to add more detail, and for this exhibition, I have painted some iconic Hastings scenes which I love, and I hope you will too!

Saffron Streeten

Saffron Streeten is a young British artist who specializes in oil paintings and limited edition art prints.

This seaside exhibition will include some of my most recent artwork on seascapes and portraiture as well as my interior design (LE) art prints. Currently in my gap year I have been able to practice my portraiture through "The 100 Faces of Hastings", in which I will exhibit some of my original sketches. This project introduced me to 100 new people and 1000 new opportunities.

Therefore in this exhibition I want to celebrate our supportive community and highlight our beautiful environment.

Mike Funnell: The Old Town and Beyond

This exhibition contains some of the paintings I've produced in the last five years, many being inspired by my love of Hastings Old Town though some were the result of travels further afield to such places as Cornwall and Venice.

My motivation is simple- it's the world around me, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from the crumbling plaster work on a once grand building, through to that magical moment when the sun bursts through the clouds and shines a spot light on the gouged and gorgeous face of Rock a Nore 'sat high and proud over the Old Town.

I'm fascinated by changing light and its effect on a view and like to explore how different mediums lend themselves to different subjects.

Daniela Exley and Samantha Guertin: Ode to the Sea

Daniela Exley is a photographer who has been working on editorial and commercial commissions since graduating from Brighton University in 2003. During 2020, when her work dried up due to lockdowns, she found that picking up the camera and tuning into creative endeavours (and sea swimming!!!) was her way to get through it all.

Samantha’s paintings in the Snug are predominantly a response and homage to the sea and those who interact with it, beside it and in it. Seeking to catch something of the particular moment, Samantha sets water against skies, cloud formations, light and dark. The intention is to capture the essence of the scene, inviting the viewer to share this vision.

Cara Hornett

Cara Hornett is an artist, illustrator and printmaker, based in Hastings. Her work focuses on linoleum and vinyl, which she cuts, inks and prints by hand.

ABC is a collection of illustration and poetry by Cara and Tobiah Robin.

Also showing some prints from her latest and ongoing collections.